20180114 – Homily on the Circumcision

On this day, the Church celebrates the Resurrection(like every Sunday) and the Circumcision of Christ (the 8th day after the Nativity) and begins preparing for the celebration of the Baptism of Christ (the Sunday before Theophany).  In this homily, Fr. Anthony connects the dots between them all.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode! +++ Circumcision and Sunday before the Theophany Homily Notes: Mark 1:1-8 One verse on the Circumcision (Luke 2:21): And when eight days were completed for the circumcision of the Child, His name was called JESUS, the name given by the angel before He was conceived in the womb. Two main concepts here: The newly born Christ child (the one who was born before time by the Father without a … [Continue reading]

Why call the Incarnate Logos Jesus?

In this homily, given on the Sunday before the Nativity in 2017, Fr. Anthony explains why Jesus (i.e. Joshua) is the name the Angel of Great Counsel gives for the Incarnate Christ.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode! +++ Sunday before Nativity Homily on the name of Jesus “They named Him Jesus because He would deliver his people from their sins.” Jesus = Joshua Who was Joshua? Why did the Angel of the Lord tell them to use THAT name? Leader of God's chosen people with and then after Moses Look at the situation of God's people back at the time of Joshua (the original Jesus) In the long distant past, there had been a covenant with God and He had made them a promise Obscured by centuries of slavery in Egypt … [Continue reading]

Homily on the Peaceful Pattern

It is both the second Sunday before the Nativity and, at least for most of our neighbors, the day before the Nativity.  In this homily Fr. Anthony talks about why we remember our Forefathers on this day and gives us advice on how to make peace the … [Continue reading]

Homily on the Incarnation

Was Jesus Christ really born on the 25th of December?  It's an interesting question, but the real confusion is not about the day the Virgin Mary miraculously delivered the baby Jesus in a humble stable in Jerusalem but about the day when Christ was … [Continue reading]

Bible Study #27: Balaam

In this episode Fr. Anthony shares the scriptures that describe why Balaam, a prophet who said things that were true, is still a false prophet of God.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode! +++ OT Bible Study #27: Balaam and His Donkey Make … [Continue reading]

The (mis)use of religion in the Ukrainian conflict

Here are the notes from the talk I gave at the Foreign Policy Research Institute on 07 November 2017 at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They asked me to talk about the effect of religion on the conflict in Ukraine for … [Continue reading]

Bible Study #26: Og of Bashan

We finish up Numbers 21 by talking about missing books of the Bible and the defeat of two giants: King Sihon of the Ammorites and Og of Bashan.  Why do we celebrate these victories every Sunday and Feast Day?  Enjoy the show! Check out this … [Continue reading]

Bible Study #25 – The Fiery Serpent

This week we have a special guest and friend of the podcast, Rev. Michael Landsman, the pastor at Zion Stone UCC in Northampton, PA.  He takes us through Numbers 21, focusing primarily on the fiery serpents and the bronze serpent God had Moses to … [Continue reading]

Homily – Why a Good Samaritan?

Good Shepherd (Michael Kapeluck)

The lesson is that we need to have the courage and compassion to love all people that are in need; even those who are different from us.  But if that was the main point, why not make the Samaritan the one on the roadside? Why did Jesus make him the … [Continue reading]

Homily – On the Raising of Jarius’ Daughter


Orthodoxy is a rational faith, we do not have to "leave our minds at the door.", but as with our feelings, our minds need to be trained. In order to be trained, first they need need to stripped of all nonsense and lies so that all our thoughts can be … [Continue reading]