Notes for a Basic Christian Homily


Romans 6:18-23 (Here's St. John Chrysostom's homily on this reading) Saint Paul ends today’s epistle ends with a restatement of the Gospel, i.e. the Good News; the thing that is supposedly central to our identity and calling as Christians: “For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:23) This is a restatement of the Gospel because it describes what we call the “economy of our salvation”, or, to put it a simpler way “how it is that we are saved” and “why it is that we have such joy”. In short, the logic goes something like this: We used to do terrible things because we were slaves to sin. That is to say, our lives were full of unhealthy and immoral activities and … [Continue reading]

Homily Notes: Why worship is the right response to chaos

Vladyka Daniel celebrates the Divine Liturgy at St. Sophia Seminary

Romans 5:1-10 Matthew 6:22-33 It has been a difficult week. It is meet and right for us to gather together and worship in difficult times; Because worship reminds us who we are – not victims or partisans in a troubled world, but sons and daughters of God, saved through the one who came not to judge and condemn the world, but to save it. Because when we gather in worship we are not just consoling ourselves, we are making a stand: peace will reign in this world and it will begin not after an election or after people in the world finally learn to respect, understand, and love one another; no, the reign of peace begins here and now among us in this place. And we are going to take that peace and plant it in our homes, in our … [Continue reading]

Homily Notes: Like Politics, Salvation is Local

Matthew 10:32-33, 37-38, 19:27-30 Like Politics, Salvation is Loval The Problem: How do we reconcile the Gospel that we have just heard – a very demanding call that we give up everything and take up our cross – with something Jesus says just … [Continue reading]

A Marriage Homily (for Damon and Stevie)

Damon and Stevie's first steps as a married couple!

This is the Crowning Service: it is a celebration of love; the realizing of God’s will that “they be one as we are one”.  It is an icon of how life is meant to go: an example of the tangible way love – that is to say God – makes Himself real in this … [Continue reading]

Notes from a talk on 1 Enoch

The First Book of Enoch Talk given at House on the Rock Family Church, Windgap PA 07 June 2016 Rev. Anthony Perkins  Main References: H. Charles, R. H., & W.O.E. Oesterley, (1917). The Book of Enoch (1917). Michael S. Heiser. The … [Continue reading]

Homily on the Samaritan Woman

Lesson on the Samaritan Woman: St. John 4 : 5 – 42 Beautiful story, full of insights into how Christ conducted Himself during His earthly ministry… It is also from the Gospel according to St. John: a short book that is full of beautiful spiritual … [Continue reading]

Sunday of the Paralytic (homily notes)

Acts 9:32-42 (healing of Aeneas and raising of Tabitha)St. Luke 24:1-12 (healing of the paralytic) Two sets of miracles today Christ’s healing of the paralytic at the Sheep’s Pool Peter’s healing of Aeneas and raising  Tabitha from the dead at … [Continue reading]

Archives: Finding Peace and Objectivity in Times of War

I'm putting this back up front because it applies to divisive political seasons, as well. - Fr. Anthony Finding Peace and Objectivity in Times of War [Then Jesus said;] “You have heard  people say; “love your neighbor and hate your enemy.”  But I … [Continue reading]

St. Thomas Sunday Homily; A Meditation on Love (and doubt)

Our Homes and Parishes Must BE Safe

Gospel Reading:  St. John 20:19-31 Love is Always Personal There is no such thing as love in the abstract; it is not a phenomenon that can be measured in a laboratory, isolated from everything else.  It is always personal.  You all know what … [Continue reading]

Some thoughts on miracles…

[written for the 2016 Great Lent Giveaway] On Miracles in the Holy Bible and Now Miracles in the Old Testament Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.  Let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the … [Continue reading]