Book Discussion – Song of the Sirin with Nicholas Kotar

Kotar_SongofSirin_Ebook-360x570Listen as Nicholas Kotar talks about the benefits of using fairly tales to teach and evangelize and how he does this in his book, The Song of the Sirin.  Enjoy the show!
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Here is my Amazon Review of it (one of many five star reviews!)

The characters and plot are all good and-well presented, but what I really love about this book is the mythology/cosmology that brings it alive. Thin places, spiritual harmonies, meaningful covenants, awesome (and awful… and even absurd!) creatures, the ontological consequences of sin and holiness, forgiveness and revenge; it’s all there and so thoroughly integrated into the plot that you can really feel it. I’m an Orthodox Christian priest and seminary professor who preaches and teaches the real-life versions of these things and I recommend this book without reservation.