2021 Books and Audiobooks

These are the books I’ve been listening to and reading for fun this year:
St. Anthony the Great; St. Athanasius ****
Human Rites; Johnson ***
Seeing Like a State; Scott ***
How to Fail…; Adams ***
Beowulf; Heaney (tr.) *****
Song of the Sirin; Kotar ***
Curse of the Raven; Kotar ****
Heart of the World; Kotar ****
Many Dimensions; Williams ****
War in Heaven; Williams ****
Shadows of Ecstasy; Williams **
That Hideous Strength; Lewis ****
Masters of Atlantis; Portis **
The Sparrow; Russell *****
Children of God; Russell ****
Doorways in the Sand; Zelazny ****
That Hideous Strength; Lewis ****
The Secret History of America; Hall **