2020 Books and Audiobooks

These are the books I’ve been listening to and reading for fun this year:
The Open Society and Its Enemies; Popper
The Revolt of The Public; Gurri****
Live not by Lies; Dreher ***
Liturgy of the Ordinary; Warren****
The Courage to Be Disliked; Kishimi *****
The Courage to Love; Kishimi *****
Maternal Body; Frost ****
The People’s Faith; Denysenko ****
Seeing Like a State; Scott ****
The War against Boys; Sommers ***
Lying; Harris ***
Loserthink; Adams *****
Uncivil Agreement;
 Mason ***
The Age of Illusions; Bacevich ***
The Great Delusion; Mearsheimer ****
Identity; Fukuyama ****
The Madness of Crowds; Murray ****
Fear Itself; Fraction****
Marvel 1602; Gaiman ****
The Death of Captain America; Brubaker *****
Civil War (Marvel); Various *****
The Dark Knight Returns; Miller ****
Daredevil – Born Again; Miller *****
The Bear and the Nightingale; Arden ****
The Chronicles of Amber (1-5); Zelazny*****
This Immortal; Zelazny***
Horus Rising (HH1); Abnett ****
False Gods (HH2);
McNeill ****
Galaxy in Flames (HH3); 
Counter ****
Flight of the Eisenstein (HH4); Swallow ****
Fulgrim (HH5); McNeill ***
Descent of Angels (HH6); Scanlon ***
Legion (HH7); Abnett **
The First Heretic (HH14); Dembski-Bowden ****
Darkthunder’s Way (DS3); Deitz ***
Sunshaker’s War (DS4); Deitz ***
Stoneskin’s Revenge (DS5); Deitz ***
Peace Talks; Butcher ***
Battle Ground; Butcher ***
A Good Man is Hard to Find; O’Connor *****
299 Days (1-10); Tate ***
The Brotherhood of the Griffon (1-3); Byers***
The Kane Chronicles (1-3); Riordan****
The Lord of the Rings; Tolkien *****