Homily Notes – St. John of the Ladder (Annual Meeting Sunday)

St. John of the Ladder (Our Annual Meeting Day) Great life. Not only did he enjoy it – and there is no doubt about his joy; (through his example and the book “The Ladder of Divine Ascent”) he made the same joy that he experienced accessible to others. In fact, that was the secret of […]

A Homily on the Spiritual Life (lessons from The Ladder)

Every Sunday of Great Lent is dedicated to person or event, with the sequence of these commemorations designed to prepare us for a deeper participation in Christ’s passion and resurrection. This Sunday is dedicated to the life and work of St. John of the Ladder. Saint John was an ascetic, a spiritual athlete, and a […]

Homily Notes: Pick up your cross and follow me!

“Take up your cross and follow me” There are many ways to understand this command. Many take it as God’s way of saying we need to put up with all the sufferings that our bodies give us. That’s true, but there’s more to it that. I want to use the example of the soldier to […]

Homily Notes: St. Gregory Palamas (Let’s Be Quiet)

What do you meet in the silence? On Holy Saturday, at the First Resurrection service (3PM here), we sing; “Let all mortal flesh keep silence, and in fear and trembling stand; for the King of kings and Lord of lords comes forth, to be slain, to give Himself as food to the faithful.” Why should […]

Homily Notes: Sunday of Judgment… Is Worship Useful?

Sunday of the Last Judgment (Matthew 25:31-46) Connecting the dots between the call to do good … and Sunday worship. Introduction: we are supposed to make the connection The judgment takes place IN THE THRONE ROOM OF GOD More a place of worship and awe than courtroom His audience would have intuited that and filled […]

Homily Notes on the Prodigal: Let’s Break Something!

[Warm up on metaphors: Learning the right lesson… not the wrong one.] Luke 15:11-32 Today’s message; “Let’s get out there and break something!” The lesson of the Prodigal is that when we mess up our lives we need to wake up and come to our senses. God is our understanding Father; not our judgmental and […]

Homily Notes: A Pregnant Moment with the Publican and Pharisee

Publican and the Pharisee The concept of the seed (example of Ukrainian and American householders).  A small thing that can grow into something wonderful. Examples of seeds as metaphors: Luke 13:18-19. Then Jesus said, “What is the kingdom of God like? And to what shall I compare it? It is like a mustard seed, which […]

Homily Notes on Zacchaeus Sunday: What makes a home?

What is it that makes a home a home? Luke 19:1-10 Walk in – can you tell (that a place is a home)? The feeling? Feelings and intuitionare unreliable; generally, they are the way the subconscious mind puts together other indicators But to the sense our feelings are reliable, some places are haunted by memories […]

Homily Notes: Sunday before Theophany

Mark 1:1-8 With thanks to Fr. Antony Hughes Christ is Born! Gospel of Mark: not an infancy story. St. John the Baptist (last of the OT prophets: classic) John the Baptist: Two messages First: repentance and baptism for the forgiveness of sins Second: about the Messiah that was coming Was holier than him (thong of […]

Homily – Sunday after Nativity

Matthew 2:13-23 Summary of today’s Gospel: God humbles Himself to save mankind, leaving His rightful inheritance as God and becoming man; being born as a baby in Bethlehem. And how does the world He has come to save greet Him? Is He born in a temple? In a palace? These would have been seemed more […]