Confession as a Relationship

Fr. Anthony talks with Fr. Gregory Jensen, PhD, about how NOT to elicit repentance during confession, some of the differences between confession, interrogation, and therapy, and why love and trust are foundational to the process of reconciliation.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode!

Intro to Orthodoxy: Holy Friday and Saturday

Fr. Anthony rambles a bit about the most wonderful days of services of the entire year: Royal Hours of Pascha, Vespers of Holy Friday, Matins of Holy Saturday, and the First Resurrection Service of PASCHA (Vesperal Liturgy). Check out this episode!

Homily – The Cross Goes in Your Heart

In this meditation on the Sunday of the Holy Cross, Fr. Anthony riffs on St. Paul’s warning that the Cross could be of no effect (1 Corinthians 1:17 and Philippians 3:18-21), warning us not to use the cross as a talisman or even as a balm to ease the pain, but rather to allow Christ […]

Intro to Orthodoxy: Holy Wednesday and Thursday

We talk about the services of Holy and Great Wednesday and Thursday (kind of).  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode!

Link for Holy Week Reader Services

Here are Reader’s services for Holy Week (and many other services, as well), offered to support those who cannot make it to services at an Orthodox church. Offered with sincere thanks to Sdn. Gerald Largent and the St. Panteleimon Orthodox Christian Outreach. Please contact me ( if you run into any problems.

Homily – Liturgical Peace

In this meditation on the witness of St. Gregory Palamas, Fr. Anthony encourages us to allow the peace of the Liturgy – rather than the chaos of the world – to define us and our relationships with others.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode!

Intro to Orthodoxy: Bridegroom Matins

Join us as we discuss the service that serves as the door into Holy Week: Bridegroom Matins.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode!

Homily – The Best Use of Wood … and Flesh

In this all but incoherent reflection on the theme of the Triumph of Orthodoxy (icons!), Fr. Anthony draws again from the wisdom of St. Maximos the Confessor to present a vision of a creation infused with grace and perfectability and what that means for the day of judgment.  Alas that he made his main point […]

Homily – Avoiding Blood Sprinkled on Media Content

In this reflection offered on the Saturday of St. Theodore the Soldier, Fr. Anthony encourages us to take St. Theodore’s warning seriously and avoid consuming content (metaphorically) polluted by blood offered to pagan gods in favor of simpler and purer fare.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode!

Homily – Forgiveness Heals Polarization

In this meditation for Forgiveness Sunday, Fr. Anthony encourages us to see and resonate with the good in everyone so that God’s grace can heal our divisions.  Offered at St. Michael parish (Woonsocket RI) on the day after Fr. Michael Abrahamson’s ordination – AXIOS and MANY BLESSED YEARS! Check out this episode! [Imperfect Transcript] In […]