Homily on the Talents – Evangelize or Gnash Your Teeth

[Alas, there is no recording of today’s homily.] St. Matthew 25:14-30 St. Cyril of Alexander (On Evangelism). The man who is the landowner is actually the Creator and Lord of all. The Word compares the time the landowner spends away from home in the parable to either the ascension of Christ into heaven or at […]

Homily: Why We Need to Love God to Really Love Our Neighbor

Homily Notes: Being Nice is NOT Enough [These notes probably bear little resemblance to what was actually preached as they spent all Sunday morning at home on the printer – rookie mistake!!!]  Gospel Lesson:  St. Matthew 22:35-46 (The Great Commandment) Great lesson for the start of the school year: “what is the most important thing ever?” Love God […]

Homily on Obligation (Parables of Feasts and Battles)

Homily Notes on the Wedding Feast (St. Matthew 22:1-14) Invitation to the Wedding Feast: we don’t intuit the context (why not just RSVP? – gnashing of teeth for wearing the wrong clothes!?). What is missing? Mutual obligation! Respect! Duty! Love! Wear the garment – the uniform – the king gave you! Speaking of uniform: reword the […]

Homily: Murder in the Vineyard (Matthew 21:33-42)

The Parable of the Wicked Tenants St. Matthew 21:33-42 The primary purpose of this parable at the time it was given was to warn God’s chosen people that God had sent His Son – who was now among them – to see how the stewards of his vineyards were doing; to remind them what they […]

Homily of the Transfiguration – Who is the Christ?

One of the most important questions: Who is Jesus the Christ (Joshua the Messiah)? 1.  Man (prophet) who lived 2000 years ago. Very wise. Set an example of love, sacrifice, and a commitment to virtue that we should all emulate. Better than nothing (but not enough). But wait there is more ? and this is […]

Homily on Gratitude/Ingratitude and Harmony/Tyranny

Homily on St. Matthew 18:23-35: The forgiving Lord and the unforgiving servant.  The main theme of today’s homily is that we have the power to transform the world for the better (through gratitude and mercy) or the worse (through ingratitude and tyranny).  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode!

Homily on Christians Taming Chaos (+3!)

Today’s Gospel (Matthew 14:22-34) includes the powerful image of Christ taming the storm and saving Peter from drowning.  Not only has He used this power to bring peace to our lives; He has given us the power – and responsibility – to do it for others.  The calm of Christ in us and us in […]

Homily on Trust, Scarcity, and the Five Loaves

We have trust backwards, claiming to trust God in the big things (i.e. of the soul) while demonstrating little if any trust God in the little things (i.e. of the body).  In His homily on Matthew 14: 14-22, St. John Chrysostom makes the point that the disciples were only ready to believe that Christ was […]

The God of Patience

Homily on Romans 15:1-7, focusing on the role of patience in the Christian life. Check out this episode!

Homily – Romans 10:1-10

A meditation on Romans 10:9-10:  If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode!