Homily on the Peace of Christ and the Security of the State

The Peace of the Cross and the Safety of the State Ephesians 2:14-22 Christ has “broken down the dividing wall of hostility” between us; reconciling all his believing children to God and one another “through the cross, thereby bringing an end to hostility.” The Cross – sacrifice to the point of death – is the […]

Homily on Seeing and Feasting with Lazarus

Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man St. Luke 16:19-31 So much to learn here. Focus on a lesson it gives to us as members of a parish that has been given the fullness of the faith. For us: We are the Rich Man and this is the place where we feast scrumptiously and wear […]

Homily on the Harvest of Nothing (problem with MP3 now corrected)

Homily on St. Luke 8:4-15 (the Parable of the Sower) Love God, love your neighbor. Simple, right? We all do and now enjoy a blissful life, free of all stress, and strong with ability to easily overcome all challenges. Class dismissed. Nope. The command is easy, but for most people this love simply doesn’t seem […]

Homily on Christ Living in Us

In this homily, Fr. Anthony goes back to basics (and the beginning) to explain why it is so important that we have Christ in us and us in Him.  It was the Sunday of the 7th Ecumenical Council, and readings he used were St. John 17:1-13, St. Luke 17:11-16, Galatians 2:16-20, and Hebrews 13:7-16. Enjoy […]

Homily on the Pokrova and the Restoration of Beauty, Unity, and Victory

The celebration of the Pokrova (the Protection of the Mother of God) is, in part, a celebration of the wonders that God works in the world when people dedicate themselves to living in Him and Him in them.  Today, Fr. Anthony focuses on how He restores beauty, unity, and victory through the priesthood of His […]

Homily on Casting the Net (against all reason)

Throw down your net! Homily on St. Luke 5:1-11 Who knew better about how to catch fish than Peter and the rest of the PROFESSIONAL FISHERMEN out in their boats? Jesus? What did He know about fishing? We see the reasonableness of His suggestion because we see it within the context of His success and […]

Homily on the Need for a Culture of Cheerful Giving

On Fostering and Defending a Culture of Cheerful Giving St. Paul says today that we should not give grudgingly or out of coercion, but out of his heart – because God loves a cheerful giver. It is tempting to think of this in purely utilitarian terms: if we do this, more money will be given […]

Homily on Holiness, Liturgy, and the Experience of God

Homily on St. John 3:13-17 (Sunday before the Cross). Are we open to an experience of God in the Holy Liturgy? Much of our dissatisfaction with “Church” comes from the fact that we are not. But this is what we were made for. The movements, ritual, music, and theology are all perfectly designed to make […]

Homily on the Talents – Evangelize or Gnash Your Teeth

[Alas, there is no recording of today’s homily.] St. Matthew 25:14-30 St. Cyril of Alexander (On Evangelism). The man who is the landowner is actually the Creator and Lord of all. The Word compares the time the landowner spends away from home in the parable to either the ascension of Christ into heaven or at […]

Homily: Why We Need to Love God to Really Love Our Neighbor

Homily Notes: Being Nice is NOT Enough [These notes probably bear little resemblance to what was actually preached as they spent all Sunday morning at home on the printer – rookie mistake!!!]  Gospel Lesson:  St. Matthew 22:35-46 (The Great Commandment) Great lesson for the start of the school year: “what is the most important thing ever?” Love God […]