20110105 Christian Orienteering, News, and an Interview with a New Priest

Shownotes for 20100105 Show (click here to download) Homily on the Reading of the Names and the Birth of Christ (St. Matthew 1) Three points: what we are to do with all these names; the standard of evaluation; and the place of Christ in all this. 1.  Ancestors – the reading of the names.  Why […]

On the Spirituality of Sleep

This month I started teaching a theology class on “Kyivan Spirituality” here in the parish and at our seminary in New Jersey. They say that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Given how mundane (i.e. non-spiritual) I am, there has been a LOT of prep work involved. St. Theophan describes this […]

On Newsweek’s Religious Case for Gay Marriage

I warned my parishioners that the only thing that the Fathers spent more time preaching on than money was sex. I’m sure they rather I talked about their budgets! Advocacy Journalism – and Bible Study – at their Worst The December 15th (2008) edition of Newsweek contains an article by their Religion editor Lisa Miller […]

Music and Science – missing the obvious point

My apologies if you were hoping to read more exciting thoughts on bureaucracy, elections, and tyranny, but I am going to take a few minutes to share some random thoughts on something more fundamental : music. There is much that could be said, but I want to focus for a moment on the questions of […]