Notes from a Baptismal Homily – Baptism as Cosmic Spiritual Warfare

Welcome Guests.  Congratulations. What is it that just happened?  What is it that baptism accomplishes? There are many ways to look at it: In secular terms, the community of St. Michael’s welcomed a family into formal membership.  This is, of course true, and while happy as we have been so happy them as worshipping and […]

Notes on Christian Meditation and Living the Good Life

Talk on Christian Meditation and Living the Good LifeSt. Michael UOC Ladies’ Sodality RetreatFr. Anthony Perkins, 13 May 2014 There is within us, a yearning for something better. We feel ourselves to be refugees in a land that isn’t quite right. We desire peace, joy, and growth within our own lives; but find peace to […]

War, Ukraine, and Orthodox Epistemology

“Love your enemies… unless they invade your ancestral homeland, overthrow a government you prefer, or enact policies you find abhorrent.”The Antigospel of Satan (i.e. “Things Jesus NEVER said”).  Introduction: the temptation of demonization in times of warI have seen what what war does to the souls of good people. Far too often, the temptations of […]

20110617 Politics, the Paranormal, and Imagining Vain Things

Listen to the Show20110617  OrthoAnalytika ShownotesLocal News (to include consumer news):A great new product that is changing the world (it has already changed my life):  CVS Poison Ivy Cleansing Scrub.  Technu was good – it kept it from spreading as much as it might have.  Drying lotions and cooling sprays are good, but really just […]

UFOs, Jersey Shore, and Freedom

Orthoanalytika show: 20101109   +++ Lesson: Nothing Need Divide Us Ephesians 2:14-22; St. Luke 16: 19-31 Unity: a source of peace and joyBoth readings reinforce the consistent message of the Gospel: there are no divisions in love. Pride, meanness, apathy, lust, addiction, greed, jealousy… these things pull us apart; and while they are easy and […]

Mothers Day and the Suffering of Innocents

OrthoAnalyika Show: 9 May 2010 Note: be sure to subscribe to the podcast Happy Mother’s Day! Thanks to all of our mothers – not just those with children of their own, but all the ladies who take the time to love the many children of the world and of this parish family. We need you […]

A Paralytic, the Woman at the Well, and More on an Orthodox Political Economy

OrthoAnalyika Show: 2 May 2010 Note: be sure to subscribe to the podcast Homily on the Paralytic: Acts 9: 32 – 42; St. John 5 : 1 – 15 Introduction: Healing, not ReligionOur readings today give examples of Christ’s ministry to mankind (in the healing of the paralytic), and how this ministry has continued through […]

On the Spirituality of Sleep

This month I started teaching a theology class on “Kyivan Spirituality” here in the parish and at our seminary in New Jersey. They say that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Given how mundane (i.e. non-spiritual) I am, there has been a LOT of prep work involved. St. Theophan describes this […]