Wedding Liturgy

This is a way to fold the Crowning ceremony (back) into the Divine Liturgy.  Note that this “folding in” implies a minimization of duplication.  It also means some vestigial things (such as the common cup) may be removed entirely.

Order of Wedding Liturgy

This assumes that the Betrothal has already been performed and that the priest has brought the couple into the nave (ideally, to the singing of Psalm 128), confirmed their intention (the “vows”), and left them there so that he can begin the Divine Liturgy as usual.  Gospel, crowns, rushnyk, candles, and icons are on the tetrapod.  Rushnyk is on the ground beneath the couple.

  • “Blessed is the Kingdom…” “Amen.”  Given w/Gospel from tetrapod (Note: if it is given from the altar, the logistics have to be adjusted so that the priest comes out for the prayers, then back in to begin the Little Entrance).
  • Great Litany: includes extra crowning litanies and the first prayer (priest w/couple).
  • Choir sings Antiphon One (optional, but we do it).
  • In place of the Little Litany, the priest recites the second (priest w/couple).  The people answer, “Amen”.
  • Antiphon Two (optional, but we do it).
  • In place of the Little Litany, the priest recites the third prayer and crowns the couple.
  • Antiphon Three.  Couple w/sponsors stay up front.
  • “Little Entrance” is from tetrapod.  Normal liturgy order and hymns.  
  • Add wedding prokimen, Epistle and Gospel.
  • Tie their hands (w/prayer) after the Gospel.
  • Litanies specifically mention the couple and sponsors.
  • Crowned couple is first for Communion.
  • At the Prayer before the Amvon: Dance of Isaiah, Litany of the Dance.
  • Dismissal.
  • Presentation of Icons and the couple.
  • Many years!