20120819 Interview on the Paranormal and Ecumenism


Today’s show starts with me talking about some logistical changes (increased access to back editions, upgraded website, twitter) ORTHOAnalytika.  Speaking of which, here’s a shoutout to Fr. John Peck of Logos Web Services for his work on the layout/content transfer and to Fr. John at Orthodox Internet Services for his hosting services. No transitions are painless, but they made sure it was easy and worthwhile.  I recommend both of their services.

While we’re at it, thanks to www.douglasaperkins.com and www.stmichaeluoc.org for their support of the podcast.

Next up, it’s a look at the Church in the light of the Transfiguration.

Then it’s time for the main event: an interview with Fr. Maximos McIntyre.