Genealogy: Perkins Ancestors in Colonial America

ISAAC PERKINS (1571-1639).  Isaac was born in Rugby Borough, Warwickshire, England and christened on 20 December 1571 in Hillmorton, Warwichshire, England and emigrated to New England in the 1620’s.  In Ipswich, MA he is listed as Yeoman (i.e. Landowner)  “Issache” Perkins.  He was married twice (both wives were named “Alice”); Abraham was born of his first wife.  Isaac is buried in the Old Burying Ground in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. Isaac was the son of Thomas (1525-1591; Hilmorton) and Alice Perkins (1530-1613; Rugby); Thomas was the son of Henry (1490-1546; Hilmorton) and Elizabeth Perkins (unknown); Henry was the son of Thomas (1475-1528; Hilmorton) and Alice (de Astley) Perkins (1475-1528; Hilmorton – both are buried in the floor of St. John the Baptist in Rugby/Hilmorton);  Thomas was the son of William Perkins Sr (1430-1495; Hilmorton) who was the son of Thomas Perkins Sr. Esquire (1400-1479; Madresfield, Worcestershire, England) who was the son of Lord William Perkins/Parkyns (1380-1451; Ufton Court, Ufton Nervet, Berkshire, England) who was the son of Lord John Perkins (1360-1399; Ufton Court, Ufton Nervet, Berkshire, England) who was the son of Henry Perkins (1340-1399; Ufton or Hilmorton) who was the son of Pierre Morley (de Morlaix, 1312-1384; Shropshire, West Midlands, England).

ABRAHAM PERKINS (1608-1683) was born on 28 January 1608 in Hillmorton, Warwick, England. He was christened on 08 August 1613 in Bulkington, Warwickshire, England.  He married Mary Wyeth in 1638 in Hillmorton (or in Plymouth) and emigrated to the New World in 1638. He settled briefly in Plymouth Colony before moving to Hampton, Rockingham, NH. His was one of the first families to help settle the area and he took the oath of a Freeman in 1640.  He is described as being superior in point of education to the most of his contemporaries, writing a beautiful hand, was often employed as an appraiser of estates, and served in local government. Among their 14 children was David Perkins (1653-1736).  Abraham died on 31 August 1683, at the age of 75, in Hampton, Rockingham, NH.  Mary died on 29 May 1706, also in Hampton. 
First Cemetery, Bridgewater, MA, B;106

First Cemetery, Bridgewater, MA, B;106

DAVID PERKINS SR. (1653-1736) was born 28 Feb 1653 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire.  At some point he moved to Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, where he died on 1 October 1736.  He married Elizabeth Brown (1654-1735).  Among their children (NFI) was Abraham Perkins (1681-1746).

ABRAHAM PERKINS (1681-1746) was born 12 Nov 1681 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts and died 10 Oct 1746 in South Kingstown, Washington,

Nathaniel Perkins Sr's grave in South Kingston, RI

Nathaniel Perkins Sr’s grave in South Kingston, RI

Rhode Island.  He married Tabith Niles (1685-1717) in Kingston, RI in 1708.  Among their children (NFI) was Nathaniel Perkins (1711-1766).  Roger Williams settles in Rhode Island in 1636 (died there in 1683).  In 1638 Anne Hutchinson and other religious dissidents came to Rhode Island; I have no proof, but I like to think that Abraham was among those attracted to the region at least in part for that reason.

NATHANIEL PERKINS SR (1711-1766)  was born on 22 Jan 1711 in South Kingstown, Washington, Rhode Island, and died 17 Feb 1766 in that same place.  He married Elizabeth Crandell (1719-1803) there in 1739.  Among their children (NFI) was Nathaniel Perkins Jr. (1740-1823).  He was skilled in the mechanical arts.  He is buried in South Kingston (we lived in RI for several years and visited his grave).

 West Galway Cemetery, NY

West Galway Cemetery, NY

NATHANIEL PERKINS JR (1740-1823)  was born 01 January 1740 in South Kingston, Rhode Island and died 6 Apr 1823 in Broadalbin, Fulton, New York He married Mary Record (1740-1837) on 1760 in Rhode Island.  He served in the Rhode Island Coastal Defense Forces during the Revolutionary War.  He was skilled in the mechanical arts and made weapons for the Continental Army.  Pension records confirm that he enlisted his son Nathaniel Perkins III (1763-1849) to serve for him during the war.  However, he himself also served as Quartermaster, was captured by the British, and ransomed by Rhode Island on November 29, 1778. a  A transcript of his autobiographical journal is available on-line.  He was a founding member of the Second Baptist Church of Richmond RI, a Six-Principle (Arminian/non-Calvinist) congregation.  After the war, he moved his family to upstate New York where he was a founder and constable of the new town Broadalbin and a member of the church there.

Independence, NY

Independence, NY

NATHANIEL PERKINS III (1763-1849) was born 6 Jul 1763 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess, New York but spent much of his youth prior to the war in Rhode Island.  Family lore claims that Nathaniel was sent to upstate New York and northwestern Pennsylvania during the war to fight/make alliances with the Native American tribes there (he was part of the Sullivan Expedition), that he fell in love with the fertile ground and rolling hills there, and took advantage of a land grant program for war veterans sponsored by President George Washington to move there after the war.  His pension and other records show that he served as a sergeant in the Continental Army for three years during the war.  He married Martha Johnson (1767-1862) in Richmond, Rhode Island in 1783.  He reposed in 15 Jul 1849 in Independence, Allegany, New York (not far from Ceres and Shinglehouse, PA).  Again, there is an interesting religious footnote to the Nathaniel Perkins III and his life in upstate New York: the part of New York that he and his father helped settle became known as the “burned-over district.”  Pension records indicate that Nathaniel was a clergyman by 1832.

BENJAMIN P. PERKINS (1795–1882).  Born in Argyle (45 miles from Broadalbin), Washington County, NY and buried in Ceres, PA.  Married Polly Palmer Perkins (1808–1888).  Ceres is right next to Shinglehouse.  Children:  Mercy M Perkins Carter (1829–1873) and Edgar A. Perkins (1850–1929).

EDGAR ADELBERT PERKINS (1850–1929).  Born and buried in the Shinglehouse, PA area (Ceres and Shinglehouse).  Married Lurena White Perkins (1855–1926).  Son Elmo White Perkins (1884-1965).

ELMO WHITE PERKINS (1884-1965).  Born and buried in Shinglehouse, PA.  Married Dora E. Curtis (1891-1931).  Children:  Curtis L. Perkins (1912–1999), Olin Elmo Perkins (1913–2002), Helen L. Perkins Voorhees (1915–1997), Edgar A Perkins (1919–1942), and Doris E Perkins Washburn (1921–2006).  Second marriage was to Tina M. Perkins (1886-1965).

OLIN ELMO PERKINS (1913-2002).  Born, lived, and buried in Shinglehouse, PA.  Married Martha Haynes (1915-2004).  Worked for Penn Gas.  Master card player and story teller.  Children:  Patricia Ann (1936-2011),  Carolynn Elizabeth (1941-2008), Olin Edgar (1942-) and Stephen (1948-).

OLIN EDGAR PERKINS (1942 – ).  Grew up in Shinglehouse, PA.  Served in the U.S. Army (enlisted in Tank Corps; OCS and served in Field Artillery), distinguished career with Delta Airlines (reservations; Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale).  Four children: Douglas Anthony and Holly Lyn (with Lynne Helen (Holly)), Olin Mitchell and Pati Jo (with Scherry Jo (Mitchell)), and a step-son David Bard with Ave Maria.

DOUGLAS ANTHONY PERKINS (1967 – ).  I am the direct patrilineal descendant of the above-listed settlers, colonists, and revolutionaries and the first in my line not to be born in the general area that Nathaniel Perkins III (Hero of the Revolutionary War) brought our family to 230+ years ago.  While I was born in Georgia, my parents did have me baptized in the Methodist Church in Shinglehouse, PA.

When Pani Tina Marie (Gregory; 1970- ; Married in 1990; Children Olin Nicholas (1995), Warren Zachariah (2003), Helen Catherine (2005) and Claire Evangeline (2011)) and I were sent to Rhode Island to serve the parish of St. Michael in Woonsocket (2007-2015), we could barely find it on the map and felt no connection to it.  It was so cool to discover that we had deep roots there!  We are now (2015 – ) living in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.


More information; from a typed family record

The first line of Perkins to whom we are related started with Abram Perkins.  he was born in England about 1613.  He came to America previous to 1638.  He was admitted a Freeman May 13, 1940.  He settled in Hampton, NH according to the history of the town of Hampton.  He was granted 8 acres of land in 1646.  Also 3 shares in the common.  He was often employed on town business.  He was Marshall in 1654.  He seems to have remained where he first settled.  He died suddenly on Aug. 31, 1683 age 70.  His wife died May 29, 1706 age 88.

Their children were

  • Mary baptized Dec. 15 1639, married Giles
  • Abraham born Sept. 2 1639 married Elizabeth Sleeper June 27, 1668; killed by indians June 13 1677 (page 221).
  • Luke born 1641 married Widow Hannah Cookey D. of Robt. & Elizabeth Long. Lived in Charlestown Mass.
  • Humphrey born Jan. 23, 1642, died young
  • James born Apr. 11 1644, died young
  • Timothy born July 1646, died young
  • James born Oct. 5 1647, married Leah Coxe
  • Jonathan born May 30, 1650, died Jan. 24, 1689
  • David born Feb. 28, 1654, died 1736 (see below)
  • Abigail born Apr. 12 1655, married John Folsom of Exter Nov. ????
  • Timothy ?
  • Humphrey born May 17, 1661, died 1712

David Son of Abram was born in Hampton NH Feb. 28 1654.  He married Elizabeth daughter of Francis Brown of Beverly about 1675.  His wife was admitted to the church there May 29, 1683.  History of Bridgewater by Judge Mitchell lists him and his son David Jr. wife and children.  He was a blacksmith.  He bought land in Beverly in 1677 & 1680.  Juryman in Salen 1688.  He moved to Bridgewater South in 1688 & bought lands of the sons of Solmen Lenard in 1694.  [Lozell Perkins mill was in 1840.(?)]  He as a man of great influence and high character.  In his time most noted man of his town.  he was the first Rep. from Bridgewater Gen Courts of Mass. after union of the two colonies 1692-1694 and from 1704-1707.  His wife dismissed from the church in Beverly to Bridgewater church April 22, 1690.  She died July 14, 1735 age 80.  He died October 1, 1736.  He named sons David Abraham, Thomas Ex.  Grandsons David, Jonathan, Nathan, Timothy, James, and Solomen.  Granddaughters Martha and Silence.

Abraham Son of David Baptized Jan. 13, 1683.  He settled in South Kingston, NH.  He was a blacksmith.  He married Tobitha D. of Nathaniel Miles and Sister of Rev. Samuel Niles, May 23, 1708.  She died Dec. 28, 1717.  He remarried to Margaret Case June 29, 1718 by Rouse Helm, Justice of Peace.  Employed in town business.  His children:

  • Nathaniel – born Jan. 22, 1711, died 1766.
  • Elizabeth – born Mar. 21, 1713 – married Mumford
  • Twins Sarah and Tabitha – born June 17, 1715

(from New England General and Historical Register; from published Births and Deaths of Richmond RI and Adjacent towns)

Nathaniel Perkins born Jan. 22 1711 t N. Kingston RI died 1766; married Mary Crandall by David Everett of S. Kingstown on Mar. 1 1739.  Their children:

  • Nathaniel born June 1 1740
  • Susannah born June 13 1742
  • Elizabeth born December 25 1745
  • Abraham born March 1748
  • William born November 20, 1754
  • Sands born May 12, 1757
  • James born March 13, 1770
  • Jenks born no date

There are war records of Nathaniel, Abraham, William, Sands, James, and Jenks.

War record of Nathaniel Perkins Jr. Aug. 8, 1778 as a sub. for his father at South Kingston under Capt. Paris Gardner and Col. Thomas Potter.  Served 20 days.  Again in Sullivan’s expedition on R.I. as 1st Sarg.  Enlisted same Co. & Reg. for 9 months.  Dismissed Dec. 1780 all service as 1st SS.  Lived at South Kingston during war.  Died in Independence.

Nathaniel Perkins Sr., Quartermaster, a rebel prisoner, was exchanged by cartel between R.I. and the British Nov. 29, 1778 delivered to Major Hill.


From another typed family record:

Nathaniel, our ancestor was born Wed. July 6, 1763 at Poughkeepsie, NY.  He was a storekeeper, blacksmith, farmer, and Minister.  Died at Indpendence NY July 15 1849 age 86 yrs. 9 days.

He married Martha Jonson at Richmond, RI Mar. 13 1785.  She was born at Richmond RI Aug 29, 1766.  She died at Independence NY June 12, 1862 age 96.  She had been blind for several years before her death.  She is buried beside her husband.  Their children:

  • Ezekiel born Apr. 25 at Easton NY
  • Nathaniel born Feb. 28th 1790.  Married to Margaret Lusk
  • James born Apr. 3, 1791, Killed at Little Falles NY Feb. 29 1814.  Fell from church steeple.
  • Benjamin born Jun 29, 1795 at Argyle NY.  Died at Ceres, NY Jan. 15, 1882.
  • Alva, Mary, and Martin.  No Record.

Benjamin married Polly Palmer.  They are early residents of Ceres NY (PA?).  They are listed as natives of Herkimer Co. NY.  He was a stonemason.  Polly Perkins died at Shinglehouse PA Dec. 7, 1888.  She is buried at Ceres beside her husband.  She was born in Ostego County on Dec. 2, 1809 at Planfield NY.  The only children I know about are:

  • Lorancy born Jan. 1 1829 at Independence NY
  • Isaac born jan. 27 1831 at Independence NY
  • Edgar A. born Feb. 20 1850 at Ceres, PA

Edgar married Laurena M. White at Friendship, NY mar. 1878.  Edgar A. Perkins died 1929, age 79.  Laurena Perkins died 1926 age 71.  They both died at their home and are buried at Shinglehouse PA.  They have one child.

  • Elmo W. Perkins born Aug. 21 1884 died Oct. 25 1965 buried in Shinglehouse.  Married Dora Curtis July 8 1908 at Ceres NY.  Died Apr 9 1931.


Separate page attached to handwritten letter on George W. Clapp, II D.D.S, P.C. letterhead  (this is my uncle Woody Clapp; married to Carolyn Perkins, daughter of Olin Elmo and Martha Perkins).

The White’s were born at Crooked Creek, Tioga County.  There were four brothers, Leonard P., Daniel, Lorenzo and Elisha, and four sisters.  Their married sisters were Mitchell, Gee, Stone, and Blanchard.  Mrs. Stone was Erwin Stone’s grandmother, and Mrs. Merville Sherwood is Erwin Stone’s niece.

Leonard White’s children were Wright White, Livingston, Leroy, who died in his early twenties, Frances, who died young, and Lorena, who marrid Delbert Perkins, all born at Ceres NY.  Wright was a veteran of the Civil War.  His wife was a sister of Mrs. Byron Denforth.

Fiskes were all born in Sharon Township in the Wildcat District, not far from the Livermore Farm, where Welcome Maxson now lives.  The first Fiske was Clarissa, married to Leonard White.  Polly married Elisha White.  Cordelia married John Voorhees, and Emmaline Fiske, a Knowles of Benton Harbor, Michigan.  Samantha Fiske, a veteran of the Civil War, lived for a time at Bellrun (PA), later at Swains.

Leonard White came to Shinglehouse to chop pine for Sam Short.  The mill was later called the Jim Wright mill at East Sharon on the farm that is now Leon Drake’s farm on the Plank Road.  Leonard White bought the land on the Horse Run Road and built on the Oswayo Creek, almost opposite to where the Shingle house stood.  It was an up-and-down mill and had an overshot water wheel.  he took the water from the Horse Run Creek, and built a three-story grist mill, and that was where Dell Perkins learned his trade, in that grist mill.  Leonard White later went into partnership with Frank Van Wormer, then later sold out to Van Wormer and retired.

Del Perkins came to Shinglehouse in 1874 and leased the mill property from George Nicholas (Ross’ father).  George Nichols had a shingle mill that was built in 1853 by a man by the name of Wolcott.  It was an up-and-down mill.  Dell Perkins [end of page]

[I have copies of the handwritten notes but have not yet typed them out.  One day…]



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