Homily Notes for Pentecost: How to Acquire the Holy Spirit

How to acquire the Holy Spirit Come to Church and follow the Orthodox Way.  A fruit of the Orthodox Way is the acquisition of the Holy Spirit. Won’t happen; can’t happen outside of Church. Look at the icon; look at the scripture It is not an individual gift, meant for our personal satisfaction. Reinforces the […]

Homily for Pentecost: you can’t handle the Truth!

  Homily: You Can’t Handle the Truth! The role of language in Pentecost.  Translating is a tricky game. The beauty of Pentecost: God speaks to and through us in the pure language of Truth and Love. The problem? “We can’t handle the truth!” or rather, our egos can’t. Ego filters and translates what it hears […]

Homily – Confession and Pentecost

20110612: Homily on Confession IV This Sunday, Fr. Anthony concludes a series of homilies designed to help prepare the First Confession class for their “Second Baptism.”  This week presents three images that help explain the relationship between Pentecost (and especially the Holy Spirit) and Confession. Acts of the Apostles: 2:1-11 St. John 7:37-52;8:12 Introduction Pentecost […]