Guest writer: “Come When Called” by Nicholas Perkins

Skeletons danced in silver mist, and Kira wondered whether he was dreaming.  He pinched his arm and gasped.  Nope; definitely still awake.  There really were dancing skeletons, and the cavern floor really was covered in a swirling layer of silver mist.  His breath was hot and stifled behind his mask, and his robes were starting to stick to his […]

Guest writer: short story “Bildungsroman”

One of my favorite people in the world wrote this.  He is not just a gifted writer, spiritual warrior/mystic, and beautiful chanter… he’s my son.  I think you will enjoy the story.  I am encouraging to publish his work more widely (let me know if you agree). ================= Bildungsroman By Nick Perkins The time had […]