St. Thomas Sunday Homily; A Meditation on Love (and doubt)

Gospel Reading:  St. John 20:19-31 Love is Always Personal There is no such thing as love in the abstract; it is not a phenomenon that can be measured in a laboratory, isolated from everything else.  It is always personal.  You all know what sacrifice looks like.  You have done it in your lives and you […]

Homily for St. Thomas Sunday – What is belief?

What does it mean to believe? Acts 5:12-20  John 20:19-31. Yes, there are claims about historical events, such as those involving the life, death, and resurrection of Christ, the establishment of the Church and so on. And we need to make sure we understand them and why a rational person would accept them. Because historical […]

Homily – Seeking a Sign (St. Thomas Sunday)

St. Thomas Sunday, 2011: Homily  (St. John 20: 19-31; Acts 5: 12-20) Thomas and the Need for Signs By this time, the resurrected Christ had already appeared to several of the apostles.  Last Sunday, we heard how Christ came in to the locked house of the disciples, proclaimed His peace to them, and then commissioned […]