20120120 Theophany, Local News, and a Review of History

Podcast Notes:

Talk a little about Theophany.

Before the news…

A word from a sponsor (satire) – Guido-vich and Mak-mech-enko Revenue Consultants.
With the new immigration comes new opportunity.  The first immigration brought hard work and selfless dedication to building communities and parishes.  The second immigration brought a faith that had been forged by circumstances too difficult to imagine.  The third immigration brought their desire to share their economic success in the New World with the parishes that they attend.  Now there is a new generation with a whole new set of skills, honed in the back-alleys and bars of Moscow, Kyiv, Hoboken, and Hell’s Kitchen.  A group that, while perhaps lacking in some of the traditional aspects of their ancestral faith, are more than willing to share their skills with the struggling parishes their grandparents built. 

As far as we can tell, the biggest problem facing today’s parishes is money.  They already have their priests, their choirs, their buildings, but they can’t pay the bills.  That’s where we come in.  In times of economic trouble, certain industries flourish.  Our aim is to corner the market in these industries for the building up of the Kingdom of the world.  Our forefathers had the right idea when they threatened those who refused to pay dues with defacto excommunication and a cross-roads’ burial, but they didn’t go far enough.  We have the muscle to do extortion right!  Our forefathers had the right idea when they offered gambling to people with little to no discretionary income – but bingo doesn’t go far enough!  We have the facilities to run things right, with all the addictive side-revenue streams that come with them!  Not to mention a hundred other revenue enhancers that our forefathers never even considered.  Sure, you can pin your hopes on fantasies like “evangelism and church growth” and “tithing and sacrificial giving”, but why go with fantasy when you can have proven fact.  Our ways have worked in every place they have been tried – why not put them to work for you and your parish!?  Guido-vich and Mak-mech-enko Revenue Consultants are here to help.  

The news.

Here at home:
Things are well, thank God.  Sprouting?  Less nowadays, but rejuvelak has become a regular staple, as has homemade kefir.  Next up?  Kombucha!  I’m also deciding what to add to the garden this year.

Around the country:
Fr. Gabriel has been busy!  Gentle souls: Church bestows blessing on animals.  
But what do theologians and mladastartsi do with this?  They use it as an excuse to bash Orthodox churches that they don’t like – shame on you!
Talking MLK (and abortion) with New England theologians: emasculating MLK and the civil rights movement (and insisting conservatives do the same about abortion).
Prepping with Pawlo!
Bugging out or digging in?  What to do when TSHTF.  Proper preparation prevents [pretty] poor performance.  Basic ideas – KPECTь: Kommunity (communal sufficiency, autonomy), Redundancy, Excellency, Simplicity, and церковність.  And please, stop wasting water!