My Fool Head – Drama is NOT Required

Check out this episode! Why is there so much drama? Is drama a sign of conviction or something else? Today Fr. Anthony talks about the need to cultivate trust and trustworthiness in our relationships. Along the way, he talks (with input from Chaplain Deacon Adrian M. and Cantor George M.) about the biggest challenges to […]

Podcast: Rapturemania and the Underground Church w/ Fr. John Peck

20140929  Rapturemania and the Underground Church   The rapture: why are people excited about it and what’s it all about?  Why is the Church facing hard times and how can/should it respond?  Fr. John Peck and I talk about these things, an alternative approach to catechizing and doing missions, and the best Nicolas Cage movies […]

Day Thirty-four – Log Cabins

Have you ever heard of “thin places”?   The idea is that there are places where the barrier between our world and another are so thin as to allow us to sense its presense.  Mythology is full of stories about “normal people’ finding adventure (and often doom!) by slipping into places like fairyland and the […]

Day Eight – Canned Food

I have been married for 20+ years and have four children.  One of the roles that I take seriously is as the provider and protector of my family.  In simple times, this can be done by exercising the virtue of hard work.  The sweat of the brow puts meat on the table, pays the rent, and […]

20130325 Paleo, the Paranormal, and Prepping

Today’s show addresses the questions of Lenten Paleo fasting, whether NDE’s are proof of the soul etc., and what everyone should do to be prepared for the most likely emergencies.  I also talk about fun and transformative lenten disciplines like fasting, meditation, and walking.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode Some links for this […]

20120916 Prepping and Social Media with Father John Peck

Listen to the Show In this episode, I start by sharing the news and press release from the third meeting of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, then move into a wonderful interview on Orthodox media and prepping with Fr. John Peck. Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North & Central […]

20120902 Politics and Religion in Russia

Listen to the podcast!     We begin this podcast with a talk about Taking Work Seriously. Next, we have a wonderful conversation with Nicolai Petro, PhD (Professor of Political Science at The University of Rhode Island) about the politics of Orthodoxy and Islam in Russia.  During the first half we talk about the Pussy […]

Homily – On the Rich Young Man

St. Matthew 19:16-26 Commending our whole life unto Christ our God   [Talk about triathlon yesterday, then segue into the challenges life provides us, then into …]  We are all going to come to the end of ourselves. Some of you have already been through some seriously difficult times, but not everyone has. One of […]

20120412 The Orthodox Way

Notes: The Orthodox Way (Hesychasm and St. Gregory Palamas) Interview with Bryan Davis as Doc Fermento. News. Why things aren’t really that bad (and likely to get even better).  Matt Ridley (The Rational Optimist):  17 Reasons to be Cheerful.  No, things aren’t as bad as Alex Jones et al claim. Effects of Greek orthodox christian church […]

20120224 Seeds, News, and Judgement

Shownotes The Prodigal Son – Eating Pig Pods… and loving it! News Update on the homestead: prepping purchases of note (traded the jeep for a Smart Car, little house in the woods, pantry system from Shelf Reliance, Abortion safer than giving birth: study – Yahoo! News For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage […]