20120120 Theophany, Local News, and a Review of History

Podcast Notes: Talk a little about Theophany. Before the news… A word from a sponsor (satire) – Guido-vich and Mak-mech-enko Revenue Consultants.With the new immigration comes new opportunity.  The first immigration brought hard work and selfless dedication to building communities and parishes.  The second immigration brought a faith that had been forged by circumstances too difficult […]

Homily – A History of the World

20110918St. Matthew 22:1-14 (The Wedding Feast)Saints Zachariah and Elizabeth Today is the first day of Church School, so I would like to provide a lesson of sorts.  You are familiar with the events, but perhaps not with how they fit together or how they affect us today.  It is a huge story, running from the […]