Check out my interview w/ Doc Fermento!

I have been following Bryan Davis’ blog “” and podcast “Doc Fermento Discovers the World” since he was a guest on Jack Spirko’s “Survival Podcast“.

He’s the one who got me interested in fermenting things – now I make my own sauerkraut, rejuvelak, kefir, and kombucha.  He gets some really good guests on his show – until now!  He scraped the barrel, took a big risk, and decided to interview me.  We talked about all kinds of stuff, from the mundane (e.g. squatty potties) to the bizarre (nephalim).

I was pretty knackered (this is the crazy season for priests), but I really enjoyed it.  You might, too.  If you do, send some love his way by giving him a review or dropping him a line on his blog.

You can access the podcast here: