40 Days of Blogging: Bread or Beer? Or Bozhe?!

Today’s topic is “bread or beer”?  I’m writing from Constantinople (Istanbul), a country that was once the heart of a vibrant Christian empire… but is now 99% Mulim.  It’s a shock.  But I’ve seen it before even in my lifetime: so many Christian youth give up their baptismal garment to pursue demonic idols (“the gods […]

20131123 Vocations are for everyone!

What is God calling you to do?  This show opens with a talk on vocations geared for everyone – vocations are not just for men in black!  I follow this with a short story by Rdr. Nicholas Perkins, and finish by asnwering some mail on paleo, fasting, and the Bread of Life.  Enjoy the show! […]

Day Four – Paleo, Orthodoxy, and Grains

One of the reasons I love the paleo movement is that it challenges a status quo that is so obviously broken and dangerous.  Like anarchism when it comes to modern government and economics, paleo steps outside the dominant paradigm and blasts away at its problems.  We need to hear that.  I also love that they […]

Day Two – Lenten Fasting for the Orthodox Paleophile

Fasting is good for you!  You’ve seen the science on intermittent fasting, building willpower muscles, and the like.  You also recognize that it is an important part of The Orthodox Way to all things good.  Maybe you are like me and you have decided to augment the standard Orthodox fasting regimen with one that avoids […]

20130325 Paleo, the Paranormal, and Prepping

Today’s show addresses the questions of Lenten Paleo fasting, whether NDE’s are proof of the soul etc., and what everyone should do to be prepared for the most likely emergencies.  I also talk about fun and transformative lenten disciplines like fasting, meditation, and walking.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode Some links for this […]

20120930 Grit, Nutrition, and Chris Masterjohn, PhD

This episode begins with an explanation of why Jesus calls a desperate woman a “dog” and a discourse on the need for spiritual “grit”; but the vast bulk of the show is given over to a wonderful interview with Chris Masterjohn, a PhD post-doc in nutrition who talks to us about eating real, eating ancestral, […]

Homily – Frankenfood and Frankenchrists

Homily on the Feeding of the Five Thousand Today we hear how a great multitude of people followed Christ out into the wilderness to hear him preach.  Then, when they got hungry, he fed them, multiplying the meagre amount of bread they had into enough to feed them and have plenty left over.  The people […]

Check out my interview w/ Doc Fermento!

I have been following Bryan Davis’ blog “www.askbryan.com” and podcast “Doc Fermento Discovers the World” since he was a guest on Jack Spirko’s “Survival Podcast“. He’s the one who got me interested in fermenting things – now I make my own sauerkraut, rejuvelak, kefir, and kombucha.  He gets some really good guests on his show […]

Homily – Why are we eating ourselves to death?

20110925  Homily on Easting…. and Love2 Corinthians 4:6-15; St. Matthew 22:35-46

My RICC F&O Presentation: Sacramental Theology through Genesis and the Psalms

Genesis, the Psalms, and the Church’s Calling to Heal and Perfect Creation (An introduction to Orthodox Sacramental Theology) Fr. Anthony Perkins (for the RICC F&O, September 2011) Comments and critiques are encouraged Bottom line up front: We are made in the image of God; the world responds to us,our actions, and our beliefs. It suffers […]