Fr. Anthony’s Kefir Routine

Background. The kefir “grains” are small beads of good bacteria that change milk into kefir at room temperature. The longer the milk is allowed to change, the more sour and (eventually) solid it gets. I like mine at two days. Three days and it’s a bit too sour. Four days and I can’t use it.  […]

Day Fourteen: Giving Thanks to Our God as a Nation

Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Archpastoral Message for 2013 Thanksgiving Day:We Offer Praise and Thanksgiving Once again, our nation pauses to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our tables will be spilling over with food and our homes will resonate with laughter and conversation as we gather to celebrate this special day. Thanksgiving […]

Day Nine – The Sabbath

We were made to work One of the great virtues of this nation is its commitment to work hard and to work well.  This virtue does not allow us to see work in purely economic terms; it isn’t just about paying the bills, providing for the family, or having enough to give freely to those […]

From our Bulletin: Five Disciplines to Change Your Life

Five Orthodox disciplines that will confer quick and lasting benefits to your life: Daily private prayer for others and hesychastic meditation; takes as little as ten minutes a day – ask me how! Tithing/Orthodox Christian budgeting; reprioritizing and making your money work for you rather than the reverse! Making your home a peaceful and holy […]

“Children are not our future – they are our present!”

Homily in Celebration of our Children and Youth (All Saints Day, 2013) “Children are not our future – they are our present!” These words of our beloved Metropolitan Constantine of blessed memory are not a call to put our children and youth on some kind of throne, but to expect and allow them to join […]

20130325 Paleo, the Paranormal, and Prepping

Today’s show addresses the questions of Lenten Paleo fasting, whether NDE’s are proof of the soul etc., and what everyone should do to be prepared for the most likely emergencies.  I also talk about fun and transformative lenten disciplines like fasting, meditation, and walking.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode Some links for this […]

20120930 Grit, Nutrition, and Chris Masterjohn, PhD

This episode begins with an explanation of why Jesus calls a desperate woman a “dog” and a discourse on the need for spiritual “grit”; but the vast bulk of the show is given over to a wonderful interview with Chris Masterjohn, a PhD post-doc in nutrition who talks to us about eating real, eating ancestral, […]

Homily – Frankenfood and Frankenchrists

Homily on the Feeding of the Five Thousand Today we hear how a great multitude of people followed Christ out into the wilderness to hear him preach.  Then, when they got hungry, he fed them, multiplying the meagre amount of bread they had into enough to feed them and have plenty left over.  The people […]

20120412 The Orthodox Way

Notes: The Orthodox Way (Hesychasm and St. Gregory Palamas) Interview with Bryan Davis as Doc Fermento. News. Why things aren’t really that bad (and likely to get even better).  Matt Ridley (The Rational Optimist):  17 Reasons to be Cheerful.  No, things aren’t as bad as Alex Jones et al claim. Effects of Greek orthodox christian church […]

Check out my interview w/ Doc Fermento!

I have been following Bryan Davis’ blog “” and podcast “Doc Fermento Discovers the World” since he was a guest on Jack Spirko’s “Survival Podcast“. He’s the one who got me interested in fermenting things – now I make my own sauerkraut, rejuvelak, kefir, and kombucha.  He gets some really good guests on his show […]