Homily Outline – Sunday after the Nativity of the Theotokos

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday! 1. Miracle. Joachim and Anna.  We forget how great a miracle all conceptions and births are. 2. Her life (segue – her age!) We rejoice with the angels at the life of Mary. Chaste. Pure. Devoted.  3. Through her salvation has come into the world. Miracle. Chastity. Life given to […]

20120916 Prepping and Social Media with Father John Peck

Listen to the Show In this episode, I start by sharing the news and press release from the third meeting of the Assembly of Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America, then move into a wonderful interview on Orthodox media and prepping with Fr. John Peck. Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North & Central […]

Homily – Notes on Christian Leadership

20110731:  The Sunday of the Installation of the New Parish Board Is there any doubt that leadership is important? More than functional expertise. Lead from the front.  First in… first in repentance.  If leading from the rear, just pulling people back

Homily – Christian Citizenship

Apostle and Evangelist Luke  We should approach our civic obligations the same way we approach all our actions: as opportunities to exercise Christian virtue.  We must also resist the temptation to let politics become our religion and government our church. Ephesians 2: 4-10 St. Luke 8: 5-15  Big Civic Holiday.  No, not Halloween: voting day.  No […]