Homily: On the Need to Ritualize Gratitude

Reflection on the Rich Young Man St. Matthew 19:16-26 Prologue What would you give to inherit eternal life?  Because we are here together right now, I know that you are at least willing to give up the best two hours of the week for worship on Sunday morning.  But if that is all you are […]

Homily – On the Rich Young Man

St. Matthew 19:16-26 Commending our whole life unto Christ our God   [Talk about triathlon yesterday, then segue into the challenges life provides us, then into …]  We are all going to come to the end of ourselves. Some of you have already been through some seriously difficult times, but not everyone has. One of […]

Homily – The Requirements of Eternal Life

1 Corinthians 15:1-11 (Epistle)St. Matthew 19:16-26 “How must I live to enjoy eternal life?”  Let’s be honest, this is not the kind of question people ask Christ or His Church much anymore.  And it’s not because people don’t care about life after death.  Based on the books we read and all the other media we […]