The Joy of Baking Prosphora

I love baking phosphora.  I’ve worked at it and learned what I can from my betters, but I certainly can’t claim to be great at it… so it’s all the more humbling to realize how this offering is transformed into something so glorious (a prefect metaphor for the Christian life!). Here’s my current approach.  It […]

The Illiberal Demand for Kosher and Halal Bacon

The Joy of BaconWith just a few days left before Pascha, the dominant logismoi distracting me from proper prayer (and analysis) is … bacon.  I love it.  I especially love the really fatty kind that just melts in your mouth.  The best of the best is fried salo, a sort of bacon cut so that it […]

Fast Mimicking Diet (dry eating)

From Grocery List Quick oats Wheat bread Baby carrots Broccoli Bananas Blueberries Strawberries Avocado V-8 Juice (normal) Macadamia nuts (unflavored) Dry roasted almonds Peanuts Recipe One: Easy Mode Day 1 Water 1 cup dry quick oats, ample water, pinch of salt, 2 teaspoons of butter (10g protein, 12g fat, 54g carbs) 3 ounces carrots (~9 […]

Nazerite Vow Completed – anybody have 2 bits?

The Setting: the church fire brings new challenges At four-thirty in the morning of the feast of St. Michael, the police came to the rectory bearing some terrible news: the church was on fire.  It had obviously been burning for several hours; fire was coming out of the roof and windows.  In that moment, I […]

40 Days of Blogging: Eden

Today’s topic is “Eden”.  Genesis is one of my favorite books of the Bible, and its description of our life in paradise is certainly one of the reasons.  Humanity has been plagued since that time by its sense of loss and emptiness and driven by the resulting desire to fill that void and either regain […]

40 Days of Blogging: Bread or Beer? Or Bozhe?!

Today’s topic is “bread or beer”?  I’m writing from Constantinople (Istanbul), a country that was once the heart of a vibrant Christian empire… but is now 99% Mulim.  It’s a shock.  But I’ve seen it before even in my lifetime: so many Christian youth give up their baptismal garment to pursue demonic idols (“the gods […]

40 Days of Blogging: The Mighty Chicken

Day 3 of The 40 Days Blogging Challenge. We’ve really lost something in separating ourselves from the land.  I know men who can maintain a mean lawn, but can’t be bothered to plant a garden.  What does it say about us that we put resources into landscaping using ornamental grasses, plants, and trees… then go […]

40 Days of Blogging: Sunday Best

(From Jerusalem) At midnight last night, I was blessed to celebrate the Resurrectional Divine Liturgy at the site of the Resurrection, the Holy Sepulcher.  The experience was overwhelming in the same direction and way that every Paschal service is overwhelming. When it comes to “Sunday Best”, there are three things from this experience that come […]

Podcast: Rapturemania and the Underground Church w/ Fr. John Peck

20140929  Rapturemania and the Underground Church   The rapture: why are people excited about it and what’s it all about?  Why is the Church facing hard times and how can/should it respond?  Fr. John Peck and I talk about these things, an alternative approach to catechizing and doing missions, and the best Nicolas Cage movies […]

War, Ukraine, and Orthodox Epistemology

“Love your enemies… unless they invade your ancestral homeland, overthrow a government you prefer, or enact policies you find abhorrent.”The Antigospel of Satan (i.e. “Things Jesus NEVER said”).  Introduction: the temptation of demonization in times of warI have seen what what war does to the souls of good people. Far too often, the temptations of […]