20130325 Paleo, the Paranormal, and Prepping

Today’s show addresses the questions of Lenten Paleo fasting, whether NDE’s are proof of the soul etc., and what everyone should do to be prepared for the most likely emergencies.  I also talk about fun and transformative lenten disciplines like fasting, meditation, and walking.  Enjoy the show!

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My favorite podcasts:

I mentioned this post on Mount Athos as a food culture that has a healthy equilibrium (it’s from Melissa McEwen’s “Hunt, Gather, Love blog”:

Here’s Chris Masterjohn, PhD’s website describing the goodness (and not just tastiness) of fat etc.

  • The Daily Lipid

This is the preparedness podcast I mentioned.  It’s the best I have found (admittedly, I stopped looking once I found it):

  • Jack Spirko: The Survival Podcast

Here’s the book I reviewed for the paranormal part of the podcast: