The Holodomor – not just bureaucratic excess

A letter to the editor entitled “Stalin didn’t purposely starve Ukrainians” recently appeared in the local paper. The author attempts to dispel the “myth”, “tall tale”, and “legend” of the Ukrainian Holodomor in 1932-33. Sifting through his hyperbole, his argument relies on the following “facts”; I will briefly address each in turn: The Holodomor serves […]

Thoughts on the Bailout

On the Bailout How did we get into this mess? Well, it started when Adam and Eve decided to go against God… Okay this may be taking things a bit too far back, but it really is about choosing selfishness over prudence; of choosing to create a new reality apart from the Truth. This fallen […]

Throwing a Wet Blanket on Campaign Promises

Bottom Line Up Front: Government programs can help improve life “on the margins”, but the potential harm they can cause is immense. This belief leads me to support limited government that protects liberty, markets, and provides those necessary goods that cannot be provided by markets or charity and to oppose programs that would increase the […]