My RICC F&O Presentation: Sacramental Theology through Genesis and the Psalms

Genesis, the Psalms, and the Church’s Calling to Heal and Perfect Creation (An introduction to Orthodox Sacramental Theology) Fr. Anthony Perkins (for the RICC F&O, September 2011) Comments and critiques are encouraged Bottom line up front: We are made in the image of God; the world responds to us,our actions, and our beliefs. It suffers […]

Liturgy – The Place of Scripture in Orthodox Life & Worship

8th Sunday after Pentecost The Sunday of Saint Olympia, deaconess of ConstantinopleGospel:  St. Matthew 14:14-22 (The Feeding of the Five Thousand) What a beautiful day to celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ!  Today’s Gospel reading is an affirmation of our faith, of our worship, and especially of the holy Eucharist which we celebrate […]