Course on Orthodoxy, Death, and Eternal Life

Orthodoxy and Eternal LifeAdult EducationSt. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church Schedule:  ·   Introduction: What is Life?  Death?  Why do we die? ·   What happens next?  Orthodoxy (and the world) on the “Afterlife” ·   The Psalms and Songs of the Orthodox Funeral ·   “Buried Alive?”  Christ’s Burial and Descent into Hades (Seminarian James Guba)*** ·   How then, […]

Myrrhbearers, Love, Gay Marriage, Death, and Taxes

OrthoAnalyika Show: 18 April 2010 Note: be sure to subscribe to the podcast St. Mark 15:43-16:8 What the Myrrhbearers Teach Us about Love Introduction: today’s “Feast of Association”Today we celebrate a “Feast of Association”; a “Feast of Association” is that time when we celebrate those who were associated with a certain great Feast. In this […]

Old RItualists, Humility, Charity, and Death

OrthoAnalyika Shownotes: 24 January 2010 Note: be sure to subscribe to the podcast. The Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee All humans, by dent of our fallen psychology, are tempted to be more like the Pharisee than the Publican. Scientists have proven that we are more critical towards others and far too charitable towards […]

Nativity, News, and Death

OrthoAnalyika Shownotes: 03 January 2010 Note: be sure to subscribe to the podcast. The Nativity Epistle of the Permanent Conference of Ukrainian Orthodox Bishops beyond the Borders of Ukraine News: NYTimes reports on the recession’s silver lining: “In Recession, Americans doing more, buying less”. I like to think this is true – our addiction to […]