The (mis)use of religion in the Ukrainian conflict

Here are the notes from the talk I gave at the Foreign Policy Research Institute on 07 November 2017 at the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  They asked me to talk about the effect of religion on the conflict in Ukraine for their 21st Annual Templeton Lecture on Religion and World Affairs.  It is a […]

From the Archives: An Explanation of the (Christian) Heresy of Islam for Orthodox Believers

A friend of mine has been encouraging me to put something together on this for a church publication.  I wanted to write so much more (e.g. presenting more of the patristic work on the subject), but time and space didn’t allow for it.  I am guessing that some of the audience will find the title […]

Homily: On (not) Giving Clergy their Due

Homily on 1 Corinthians 9:2-12 Who ever goes to war at his own expense? Who plants a vineyard and does not eat of its fruit? Or who tends a flock and does not drink of the milk of the flock? (Excerpt) Pani and I went on vacation this past weekend. I spent part of that […]

Moral Psychology, Orthodoxy, and Ritual (handout)

Notes for a talk on Orthodoxy, Ritual and Moral Psychology (YouTube video here) Warning: I use the words “conservative” and “liberal” throughout this talk. I am not talking about Republicans and Democrats. If you think I am talking about politics your will miss the point of the talk. I am talking about psychology, morality, and […]

20120615 Orthodox and Genetics, Part One

A Pep Talk for the Orthodox Christian Sponsor: Cool thing for the Prepper Priest from Duluth Trading Company: the prepper-priest’s kontorasson (clergy vest – I use the black one in tall; it has pockets for all my priest-stuff!) An interview with Dr. Deborah Sirko-Osadsa, D.A.B.M.G., F.A.C.M.G. Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Former Director, Molecular […]

Course on Orthodoxy, Death, and Eternal Life

Orthodoxy and Eternal LifeAdult EducationSt. Michael Ukrainian Orthodox Church Schedule:  ·   Introduction: What is Life?  Death?  Why do we die? ·   What happens next?  Orthodoxy (and the world) on the “Afterlife” ·   The Psalms and Songs of the Orthodox Funeral ·   “Buried Alive?”  Christ’s Burial and Descent into Hades (Seminarian James Guba)*** ·   How then, […]

Orthodoxy, the Battle, and Poverty

Orthoanalytika show: 20101017 I’m postponing the “Orthodoxy and ETL” for yet another show – forgive me! The Battle for Creation Luke 6:31-36 (New King James Version) And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise.“But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? […]

Orthodoxy – The Stream between the Extremes

[This talk was given as part of Diversity Week at the University of Rhode Island. Chaplains of different faiths gave talks on this same theme.] IntroductionThe main point of my remarks today is this: people make a huge and tragic mistake when they see faith – in this case, Orthodox Christianity – as a “religion” […]

Orthodoxy and the Paranormal

OrthoAnalyika Shownotes: 10 January 2010 Note: be sure to subscribe to the podcast. Christ is born! Glorify Him! There is a charge that is often made against the Orthodox Church and Christianity in general that it is not relevant. That it does not have anything to add to the lives of the modern man or […]

Orthodoxy and the State – Preliminary Thoughts on Immigration Policy

[FIRST POSTED ON AUGUST 18 2008; UPDATED ON OCTOBER 10, 2008] I am not a political activist – my activism is “in the trenches”, building up the community of Christ rather than than trying to lobby the government. But as a citizen in a democratic country who pastors the same, and as an amateur political […]