From the Archives: The Holodomor, Lazarus, and the Rich Man

[This homily was originally given on 9 November 2015.] Holodomor (dedication and blessing of the Holodomor Memorial in DC). Background info: the Holodomor (i.e. murder by starvation) was an intentional policy of the USSR under Stalin.  In 1932-33, the Soviet regime killed upwards of ten million people (the number is disputed, but no one doubts that it […]

Script for Teaching Liturgy (2017 UOL Convention)

Teaching liturgies can be great, but we have to be very careful that they do not adversely affect the spirit and flow of the Mystery.  This requires that we be spare with our words and that the words that we do share be well selected.  Because of the depth of our knowledge and familiarity with it […]

Healing the Divisions of the Orthodox in Ukraine; the Diaspora as a Model for Reconciliation

This paper was prepared for presentation at conference; “Ecumenical Encounters between East and West.  Catholicism and Orthodoxy in Ukraine” on Saturday, November 12th 2016 at La salle University organized by the St. Sophia Religious Association of Ukrainian Catholics, Inc. and the Lasalle University M.A. Program in Eastern European Studies and supported by the Shevchenko Scientific […]

A Vanishing Christian Virtue: Commitment

[Excerpted from the Homily on the Sunday of Zacchaeus.] There are three main steps in the life of the Christian – all of them are necessary. A Need.  A sense of the gap between how things are and how they should be.  This is often caused by a sense of shame, guilt, or helplessness. Repentance. […]

Nazerite Vow Completed – anybody have 2 bits?

The Setting: the church fire brings new challenges At four-thirty in the morning of the feast of St. Michael, the police came to the rectory bearing some terrible news: the church was on fire.  It had obviously been burning for several hours; fire was coming out of the roof and windows.  In that moment, I […]

Some Advice for Ukrainian “Experts”

I’ve done several interviews on the Maidan and the pig’s breakfast the situation in Ukraine is becoming.  Here’s the most recent (lightly edited). As for my statement, I am a retired military intelligence officer (and political science professor) who spent many years working the war in Afghanistan for the US Intelligence Community.  I’m also a […]

Maidan Casualties for All-Souls

A dear friend compiled this list from multiple sources (Date of Information: 21 February 2014). MAY THEIR MEMORY BE ETERNAL! Alexandr Scherbaniuk Anatoliy Zhalovaha Anatoliy Zherebnev Andrii Movchan Andriy Chernenko Andriy Dihdalovych Andriy Fedyukin Andriy Korchak Andriy Sayenko Andriy Tchernenko Antonina Dvoryanets Bohdan Bayda Bohdan Solchanyk Bohdan Vaida Bohdan Kalyniak David Kipiani Dmytro Pahor Dmytro […]

From the UOC-USA: Human Dignity and the Basic Rights of Freedom Must be Preserved

Council of Bishops of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Human Dignity and the Basic Rights of Freedom Must be Preserved  Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ! It has been only a few weeks, and most recently just two days since the Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA expressed its […]

From the UOC-USA: The use of force, confrontation, and violence will fail to resolve political issues!

The use of force, confrontation and violence will fail to resolve political issues! Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ! The events of the last several days and especially the last several months in the life of independent Ukraine have caused the Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA to call upon […]

Day Fourteen: Giving Thanks to Our God as a Nation

Council of Bishops of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA Archpastoral Message for 2013 Thanksgiving Day:We Offer Praise and Thanksgiving Once again, our nation pauses to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our tables will be spilling over with food and our homes will resonate with laughter and conversation as we gather to celebrate this special day. Thanksgiving […]