The Sunday of Orthodoxy: Embrace the Fullness of the Faith

If you are offended when priests and preachers talk about politics and rail against the government, then close your ears: I’m going to talk about the government and its policies, and I am going to evaluate them based on the unchanging Truth of Christ, the standard of perfection that is preserved and shared within holy […]

20120902 Politics and Religion in Russia

Listen to the podcast!     We begin this podcast with a talk about Taking Work Seriously. Next, we have a wonderful conversation with Nicolai Petro, PhD (Professor of Political Science at The University of Rhode Island) about the politics of Orthodoxy and Islam in Russia.  During the first half we talk about the Pussy […]

20120206 A Pregnant Creation, Mail Call, and Islam

Podcast Notes Homily on Zacchaeus et al. (due to the delay in recording, this was bumped by a Homily on the Publican and the Pharisee) Mail Bag What should I do if there are no regular Orthodox services in my area? What are the most healthy expressions of sexuality?  (note on recent decision to ban […]

20110729 Monasteries, Survival, & Gardening

Shownotes.  Click to Listen.  A bit late getting this podcast published.  I blame the computer malfunctions that led to a loss of Friday’s work! Happy (belated) St. Vladimir/Volodymyr Day.  This is a wonderful reminder that things can change, that benighted nations can find enlightenment, and that Christ really does work in a fallen world.  Local […]

UFOs, Jersey Shore, and Freedom

Orthoanalytika show: 20101109   +++ Lesson: Nothing Need Divide Us Ephesians 2:14-22; St. Luke 16: 19-31 Unity: a source of peace and joyBoth readings reinforce the consistent message of the Gospel: there are no divisions in love. Pride, meanness, apathy, lust, addiction, greed, jealousy… these things pull us apart; and while they are easy and […]