Four Orthodox Christian Lessons from MLK Jr

 This is a nice article by Andrew Estocin. Here’s a quote; “Martin Luther King Jr. and Archbishop Iakovos both knew that the human person as the image and likeness of God was a truth worth breaking the law, fighting and (in Rev. King’s case) ultimately dying for. Orthodoxy in America needs this type of courage […]

RIOCF: Statement on Same-Sex Marriage

Rhode Island Orthodox Clergy FellowshipStatement on Same-Sex Marriage  We, the clergy of the Orthodox Churches of Rhode Island, express our disappointment over recent developments concerning the status of marriage in our country and in our state.  Specifically, we disapprove our state legislature’s vote in favor of and signing into law the practice of same-sex marriage. […]

My notes for the talk on Moral Psychology

I had hoped to find time to write these up properly – but two moths later I haven’t!  So here it is, mis-spellings, poor grammar, and all! Notes for a talk on Orthodoxy, Ritual and Moral Psychology Warning: I use the words “conservative” and “liberal” throughout this talk. I am not talking about Republicans and […]

Podcast: 20130807 Being a Hero and Moral Psychology

This podcasts begins with advice for young people to become heroes.  The rest is devoted to introducing listeners to some findings in moral psychology and their relevance to Orthodoxy (hint- it’s about ritual/Orthopraxis).  Lord willing, I’ll be devoting more podcasts to devloping these themes.  Here are the notes for the moral psychology talk (alas it […]

The Sunday of Orthodoxy: Embrace the Fullness of the Faith

If you are offended when priests and preachers talk about politics and rail against the government, then close your ears: I’m going to talk about the government and its policies, and I am going to evaluate them based on the unchanging Truth of Christ, the standard of perfection that is preserved and shared within holy […]

20121107 Gvosdev on Orthodoxy and Politics

The hits keep coming!  After I share some of my thoughts on how to approach democratic politics as a member of a minority faith that has universalist moral truth claims (hint: I love the U.S. Constitution), I share an awesome interview with Professor Nick Gvosdev.  He gives historical and theological hope for a “third way” […]

An Orthodox Plea for Limited Government

In my last post, I shared my notes for the panel on politics and religion.  The talks went well.  I only had five minutes, so I didn’t get to everything during my presentation.  I was, however, able to work most of the main points during the Q & A.  This is pretty much what I […]

Draft Notes for a Talk on Orthodoxy, Politics, and Religion

The URI Chaplains’ Association, of which I am a member, is putting on a multi-faith panel discussion entitled “The Unmentionables: religion and politics.”  I get to present the Orthodox experience.  Here’s a draft of my notes.  If you comment quick enough, you can have an impact on my presentation.  I sure would appreciate the help! […]

20120902 Politics and Religion in Russia

Listen to the podcast!     We begin this podcast with a talk about Taking Work Seriously. Next, we have a wonderful conversation with Nicolai Petro, PhD (Professor of Political Science at The University of Rhode Island) about the politics of Orthodoxy and Islam in Russia.  During the first half we talk about the Pussy […]

20120224 Seeds, News, and Judgement

Shownotes The Prodigal Son – Eating Pig Pods… and loving it! News Update on the homestead: prepping purchases of note (traded the jeep for a Smart Car, little house in the woods, pantry system from Shelf Reliance, Abortion safer than giving birth: study – Yahoo! News For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage […]