Day Two – Lenten Fasting for the Orthodox Paleophile

Fasting is good for you!  You’ve seen the science on intermittent fasting, building willpower muscles, and the like.  You also recognize that it is an important part of The Orthodox Way to all things good.  Maybe you are like me and you have decided to augment the standard Orthodox fasting regimen with one that avoids […]

From our Parish Service Book: Twelve Things

Twelve Things I Wish I’d Known:Learning how to Live and Love Orthodox Worship Welcome to the God-protected, God-loving parish of St. Michael’s! Here are some things that we hope will increase the profundity of your worship experience here, whether you are an experienced member of this parish, a visitor from another Orthodox parish, or this […]

From our Bulletin: Five Disciplines to Change Your Life

Five Orthodox disciplines that will confer quick and lasting benefits to your life: Daily private prayer for others and hesychastic meditation; takes as little as ten minutes a day – ask me how! Tithing/Orthodox Christian budgeting; reprioritizing and making your money work for you rather than the reverse! Making your home a peaceful and holy […]

Fasting, Forgiveness, and Avatar

OrthoAnalyika Shownotes: 14 February 2010 Note: be sure to subscribe to the podcast An Epistle to Kick-off the Fast +++ Catechetical Homily On the Commencement of Holy and Great Lent +BARTHOLOMEW By God’s Mercy Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome, and Ecumenical Patriarch To the Plenitude of the Church Grace and Peace be to you from […]