Day Eight – Canned Food

I have been married for 20+ years and have four children.  One of the roles that I take seriously is as the provider and protector of my family.  In simple times, this can be done by exercising the virtue of hard work.  The sweat of the brow puts meat on the table, pays the rent, and […]

Day One: Get your beard on (or off)!

Beards are all the rage.  Here in New England, the Red Sox just won the World Series by getting their beards on; the male cast of Duck Dynasty has also done their part to bring respect to the beard.  In my profession, beards are often seen as part of the game.  When I was catechized, […]

“Children are not our future – they are our present!”

Homily in Celebration of our Children and Youth (All Saints Day, 2013) “Children are not our future – they are our present!” These words of our beloved Metropolitan Constantine of blessed memory are not a call to put our children and youth on some kind of throne, but to expect and allow them to join […]

20130325 Paleo, the Paranormal, and Prepping

Today’s show addresses the questions of Lenten Paleo fasting, whether NDE’s are proof of the soul etc., and what everyone should do to be prepared for the most likely emergencies.  I also talk about fun and transformative lenten disciplines like fasting, meditation, and walking.  Enjoy the show! Check out this episode Some links for this […]

20121107 Gvosdev on Orthodoxy and Politics

The hits keep coming!  After I share some of my thoughts on how to approach democratic politics as a member of a minority faith that has universalist moral truth claims (hint: I love the U.S. Constitution), I share an awesome interview with Professor Nick Gvosdev.  He gives historical and theological hope for a “third way” […]

Homily (notes): The Parable of the Sower (St. Luke 8:5-15)

God explained his own parable, but he waited to explain its real importance in the next parable (found in the version recorded by St. Matthew, not by St. Luke): nothing but the things that grow from the pure seed of God will endure: When confronted with a field full of tares and wheat; “In the […]

An Orthodox Plea for Limited Government

In my last post, I shared my notes for the panel on politics and religion.  The talks went well.  I only had five minutes, so I didn’t get to everything during my presentation.  I was, however, able to work most of the main points during the Q & A.  This is pretty much what I […]

20120930 Grit, Nutrition, and Chris Masterjohn, PhD

This episode begins with an explanation of why Jesus calls a desperate woman a “dog” and a discourse on the need for spiritual “grit”; but the vast bulk of the show is given over to a wonderful interview with Chris Masterjohn, a PhD post-doc in nutrition who talks to us about eating real, eating ancestral, […]

Homily – Frankenfood and Frankenchrists

Homily on the Feeding of the Five Thousand Today we hear how a great multitude of people followed Christ out into the wilderness to hear him preach.  Then, when they got hungry, he fed them, multiplying the meagre amount of bread they had into enough to feed them and have plenty left over.  The people […]

20120621 Interview with Fr. Peter Preble on Prayer and Spiritual Fatherhood

A call to make America into a holy nation. An interview with Fr. Peter Preble Priest, Romanian Orthodox Archdiocese in the Americas Rector, St. Michael Orthodox Christian Church in Southbridge, Massachusetts Host, Shepherd of Souls podcast on Ancient Faith Radio Stavrofor Monk and Founder of the St. Columba of Iona Orthodox Monastery Chaplain, Dudley Fire Department […]