20120206 A Pregnant Creation, Mail Call, and Islam

Podcast Notes Homily on Zacchaeus et al. (due to the delay in recording, this was bumped by a Homily on the Publican and the Pharisee) Mail Bag What should I do if there are no regular Orthodox services in my area? What are the most healthy expressions of sexuality?  (note on recent decision to ban […]

20120120 Theophany, Local News, and a Review of History

Podcast Notes: Talk a little about Theophany. Before the news… A word from a sponsor (satire) – Guido-vich and Mak-mech-enko Revenue Consultants.With the new immigration comes new opportunity.  The first immigration brought hard work and selfless dedication to building communities and parishes.  The second immigration brought a faith that had been forged by circumstances too difficult […]

20120113 Spirituality of Christmas and Theophany

In this (welcome back) edition, we go back to the old format; starting with a reflection, covering a few news stories and satirical advertisements and the like, then finishing with the Volya (Freedom) segment that treats a topic of interest in some detail. But before we begin, I reckon that I owe you an explanation: […]

20110829 Hurricanes, Babies, and Education

Shownotes.  Click to listen to/download.Local News:  The Weather.  Irene Hurricane.  Need to be prepared more generally.  Spiritually, you don’t prepare for specific traumatic events (and demonic assaults) that have been forecast, you maintain constant vigilance.  Then we are ready for everything that comes along.  This fits in with a couple pieces of traditional Christian wisdom:  […]

20110729 Monasteries, Survival, & Gardening

Shownotes.  Click to Listen.  A bit late getting this podcast published.  I blame the computer malfunctions that led to a loss of Friday’s work! Happy (belated) St. Vladimir/Volodymyr Day.  This is a wonderful reminder that things can change, that benighted nations can find enlightenment, and that Christ really does work in a fallen world.  Local […]

20110617 Politics, the Paranormal, and Imagining Vain Things

Listen to the Show20110617  OrthoAnalytika ShownotesLocal News (to include consumer news):A great new product that is changing the world (it has already changed my life):  CVS Poison Ivy Cleansing Scrub.  Technu was good – it kept it from spreading as much as it might have.  Drying lotions and cooling sprays are good, but really just […]

20110429 Pawlo’s Greatest Hits

Click Here to Listen/Download All Pawlo, All the Time In this episode, I prolong my break from discussing things like nephilim, singularities, and the immortality of the soul in order to do what sitcoms do during writer’s strike:  a best-of/flashback show.  The size of our audience has really grown over the last year, so many […]

Soviet atheism and American secularism

Introduction: thinking about the radical atheism of the Soviet Communists The Soviet Communists were atheist totalitarians. They tried to create a system that would make both faith and the religious institutions that foster it seem silly and superfluous. Given the strength of Orthodoxy in the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire, they had to be very intentional about […]

How many cars do we need?

Our economy continues to “correct” itself after decades of being artificially inflated by easy credit, poor saving habits, and superfluous spending. The government is attempting to ease the effects of this correction by replacing the suddenly prudent (i.e. risk-averse) credit market with its own. In this way, it forces more money into a system in […]

Remembering the Holodomor

It was another busy week here at St. Michael’s. Here are some highlights: Monday While I spent most of Monday on administrivia, the highlight came in the evening with the opening of the Holodomor exhibit at the Rhode Island Community College (Knight Campus) Art Gallery. As part of the commemoration, Professor Cheryl Madden (who teaches […]